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A Fool There Was
A Football King
A Humble Hollywood Executive
A Lady Needs A Rest
A Little Rumba Numba
A Little Skipper From Heaven Above
A Man Must His Honor Defend
A Member Of The Yale Elizabethan Club
A Picture Of Me Without You
A Sight-Seeing Tour
A Step Montage
A Stroll On The Plaza Sant’ana
A Table For Two
A Toast To Volstead
A Weekend Affair
A Woman’s Career
A-Stairable Rag
Absinthe Drip
Ace In The Hole
Adam And Eve
Adios Argentina
After All, I’m Only A Schoolgirl
After You, Who?
Ah Fong Low
Aladdin Dance
All I’ve Got To Get Now Is My Man
All Of You
All Through The Night
Alone With You
Alpine Rose
Altogether Too Fond Of You
Always True To You In My Fashion
Am I In Love?
Americans All Drink Coffee
Amo Amas
Announcement Of Inheritance
Another Op’nin’, Another Show
Another Sentimental Song
Antoinette Birby
Anything Goes
Apache Dance
Aqua Sincopada Tango
As I Love You
As Long As It’s Not About Love
As On Through The Seasons We Sail
Assembly Line
At Last In Your Arms
At Long Last Love
At Longchamps Today
At The Dawn Tea
At The Rainbow
At Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe In Cheyenne
Au Revoir, Cher Baron
Auf Wiedersehen
Away From It All
Baby Games
Baby, Let’s Dance
Back To Nature
Bad Men
Be A Clown
Be Like The Bluebird
Beach Scene
Beautiful, Primitive Indian Girls
Bebe Of Gay Paree
Begin The Beguine
Bertie And Gertie
Between You And Me
Beware Of The Sophomore
Beware Of Yale
Bichloride Of Mercury
Big Town
Bingo Eli Yale
Blow, Gabriel, Blow
Blue Hours
Bobolink Waltz
Bon Voyage
Boogie Baracarolle
Boroff’s Ode
Bring Me A Radio
Bring Me Back My Butterfly
Broadcast A Jazz
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Buddie Beware
Bull Dog
But He Never Says He Loves Me
But In The Morning, No
Buy Her A Box At The Opera
By Candlelight
By The Mississinewah
C’est Magnifique
Ca, C’est L’amour
Cabinet Music
Café Society Still Carries On
California Scene Dance